About Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-invasive touch therapy suitable for people of all ages. It is based on the theory that different points and areas on the feet, lower leg, hands, face and head correspond with different areas and organs of the body. 

Reflexology is not a “one size fits all” treatment and there are many different variations depending on the reason you are seeking reflexology.

Reflexology Lymph drainage is a reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. The aim is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body. It is an award-winning unique sequence that has been researched and developed by Sally Kay, whilst working in cancer care, initially developed for secondary lymphoedema in breast cancer patients. 

Victoria has been trained by Sally Kay in these techniques to practice RLD on patients with post operative secondary lymphoedema and also as a useful treatment for:

Arthritis | Asthma | Eczema | Chronic fatigue| Fibromyalgia | ME | Sinus problems Migraines | Headaches | Muscular tension | Aches and pains | Premenstrual Syndrome

Please call or email me for more information.

As holistic practitioners, Reflexologists are there to support you as a whole person and to promote your well being. We are however not able to diagnose, prescribe or claim to cure.

About me

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I have been practising reflexology since 1998. First in Kingston Upon Thames, and in the Languedoc region of France between 2003 and 2018. Currently I practise in Sudbury Suffolk.

Having grown up in a family of medical and healthcare professionals I have been interested in the health and well being of others ever since I can remember.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexology (MAR), and British Lymphology Society (MBLS) with a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Science.


If you have any symptoms of Covid 19 or have tested positive in the last 10 days please call to rearrange your appointment.

Please allow 72 hours after a Covid vaccination before booking an appointment

If you are shielding

I am happy to take calls on the phone and if appropriate guide you through some self help reflexology via video-call.


Reflexology   50 mins£55
Reflexology lymph drainage50 mins£55
NHS referral for lymph drainage50 mins£45
Spinal reflex therapy60 mins£55

The first session will be longer to allow for time to complete a full consultation. Please wear (or bring with you) loose, comfortable clothing.

Holistic facial including facial reflexology
(includes cleanse,tone, exfoliation, facemask, massage of decolletage,
hands, arms, neck, shoulders, head and facial reflexology)
70 mins£75
Displaying Sudbury Reflexology -
Treatment room at The Podiatry Place, 52A North St, Sudbury CO10 1RD